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Professional Pest Control For Prichard, AL Properties

If you’ve lived in the Prichard area for very long, you understand that we deal with more than our fair share of pests around here. While our natural scenery is enjoyable, the constant threat to our properties and health is not something to be taken lightly. That’s why Prewett Pest Control offers high-quality pest control for your Prichard area home or business at competitive prices. When you become part of the Prewett Pest Control family, you’ll have access to the following benefits:

  • Innovative pest control solutions
  • Convenient online purchasing options
  • NPMA certified services
  • Guaranteed pest control services

When what means most to you is threatened by pests, only professional assurances with a personal touch can provide the pest control you need. Reach out to us today for a convenient estimate on pest control for your Prichard home or business. 

Home Pest Control In Prichard, AL

In the Prichard area, there are a variety of pests that will create dangerous conditions on your property or even ruin your property value over time. Termites, for instance, will chew the wooden portions of your home’s foundation without being noticeable for years. Roaches and rodents, on the other hand, will spread dangerous bacteria throughout your home, putting your family’s health at risk. 

When the stakes are high and the threats are all too real, don’t increase these risks by trying to deal with pests on your own. Instead, go with the professional pest control care that has your best interest in mind. With the latest in industry technology and a 100% pest-free guarantee, Prewett Pest Control has everything you need to enjoy peace of mind in your Prichard home. Call us today to learn more about our Prichard, AL pest control plans or to set up an inspection.


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How To Control Termites Before They Destroy Your Prichard Home

termites traveling through a prichard al home

Termites are wood-eating pests that will work within your walls and under your home ceaselessly. Even though they work all the time, it can take them 18 months or more to cause damage over $3,000, on average. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to spot a termite infestation, which is why these pests are responsible for over $5 billion in costs to home and business owners across America each year. 

That’s why we suggest professional termite inspections each year. If our technicians notice termite activity, we will set up a plan to eradicate the problem completely and prevent future issues as well. In the event that we don’t notice any issues, we will get you a quote on the kind of prevention plan that can guarantee termites will never infiltrate your Prichard home.

Instead of leaving your investment to chance, protect your equity with guaranteed termite control services provided by experienced pest technicians that have access to all of the latest termite prevention technology. Call us today to schedule your professional termite inspection.

Cockroaches And The Dangers They Pose To Prichard Residents

cockroach in a prichard kicthen

Everyone can agree that cockroaches are pretty nasty looking. They can definitely make your stomach turn if you see them bolt away from you as you walk into the kitchen at night. Unfortunately, since they’re skittish and resourceful, cockroaches can hide within your home in large numbers before you ever really notice a problem. 

As cockroaches search your home for loose crumbs and poorly stored food, they’ll spread dangerous bacteria all over the house. With dangerous bacteria on your meal-preparation surfaces and eating areas, you could be at risk of harmful illnesses like salmonella, E. coli, and many more. 

Since they’re difficult to keep out and even harder to get rid of, there is nothing that can eradicate a cockroach solution besides proper professional care. With a professional inspection, our technicians will assess the entirety of the problem and come up with a plan to eradicate current issues while also preventing future infestations. 

If you’ve noticed one or two roaches here and there, remember that they are very scared of humans and light, so you could have a much larger problem looming between your walls. Give us a call today to protect your home and family from the dangers of an unseen cockroach infestation.

Commercial Pest Control In Prichard, AL

If you notice a pest problem in your Prichard business facility, then think about what could happen if a customer noticed it too. Think about what would happen if the customer posted a picture of it on social media or a review site. In the age of information, you can never be too careful about your reputation in the community. 

As a locally owned and operated business ourselves, we take pride in caring for all kinds of Prichard business facilities. When you combine the experience of our pest control technicians and the latest in pest prevention technology, you can enjoy the pest-free peace of mind that comes with the right kind of professional care. Give us a call today to find out more about our commercial pest control programs in Prichard or to schedule an inspection.


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