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Brown Bark Scorpions In Mobile, AL: What Every Resident…

up close image of a bark scorpion on wood

One of the most dangerous and common scorpions in Alabama is the brown bark scorpion. Although most people don't even realize that this scorpion could be lurking in their yard, it poses a serious… Read More

Black Widow Spiders In Auburn, AL: What You Need To…

black widow spider climbing in its web

Most spiders in Auburn are harmless, but the black widow is far from harmless. This arachnid has the ability to send a healthy adult to the hospital and can inspire fear in the bravest of people… Read More

All The Ways Ants Get Into Daphne, AL Homes

acrobat ant crawling on a trees bark

Are the ants marching into your home in Daphne? If so, you're probably not too happy. Ants are annoying and are potentially dangerous creatures, and they don't belong in your home. Before you find… Read More

Why Mosquitoes In Opelika, AL Bite

a mosquito crawling on a blade of grass

Are you tired of scratching away at mosquito bites and wondering why you seem to have it worse than everyone else? If so, it’s time to stop wondering. Understanding why mosquitoes in Opelika bite… Read More

The Best Way To Protect Your Mobile, AL Property From…

an up close image of termites infesting a home

You might not always see it when insects and creatures violate your Mobile home or business, as hard as that may be to believe. In a lot of cases, the damage is the only thing that will be visible… Read More

How To Keep Moths Out Of Your Auburn, AL Home

an up close image of a cloth moth on wool

Auburn homeowners should make sure they have ongoing pest remediation. There are several types of pests that can impair the structure of your space or ruin your personal effects when they get inside.… Read More

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