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All The Problems Mice Can Cause In Your Opelika Home

a mouse infestaion in a kitchen

While some people might assume that mice aren't that big of a problem given their small size, they are very destructive and dangerous pests. They are also an extremely common household problem in the… Read More

How Did Bed Bugs Get Into My Auburn Home?

a bed bug infestation on furniture

Bed bugs are a pest that many people think of with dread and fear, and this makes a lot of sense, given that they bite humans to get a blood meal. While many people assume that bed bugs are only a… Read More

What You Ought To Know About Yellow Jackets Around Your Auburn Property

a yellow jacket wasp crawlingon a picnic table

When trying to enjoy your Auburn yard, dealing with stinging insects can be frustrating. The appearance of wasps around your home or business can be very off-putting and even scary because of their… Read More

What Everyone In Auburn Should Know About Cockroach Dangers

cockroaches a year round problem

Besides their creepy appearance, cockroaches pose a variety of severe threats to both homes and residents. For one, cockroaches carry and spread dangerous diseases such as salmonellosis, dysentery… Read More

Why You Should Call The Professionals About Pests In Your Auburn Home

a house in auburn alabama

Do you have a pest problem? It wouldn't be surprising. Pests commonly get into Auburn homes. If you're currently dealing with an infestation, you may be tempted to attack that problem yourself.  Read More

Why Are There So Many Spiders In My Auburn Home?

a spider crawling on the floor

It can seem mysterious when you start to see spiders in your home, but it isn't all that mysterious if you think about it. The reasons spiders get into your home and how you can keep them out are… Read More


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