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Daphne's Deer Tick Dilemma

deer tick

Deer ticks can be a major problem for Daphne residents, thanks to the fact that they are the most common vectors of Lyme disease. It is important to recognize deer ticks and understand proper tick… Read More

The Secret To Keeping Ticks Off Of Your Opelika…

a tick embedded in human skin

Ticks are known for infecting unsuspecting hosts with some deadly diseases. If you manage to catch them while they're still crawling in search of a good spot to latch on, or within the first 24-36… Read More

Eight Simple Yet Effective Tick Control Tips For Auburn…

deer tick on a leaf crawling

Ticks are about as slow as pests come, yet sometimes it seems like you can’t go outside without picking one of these bloodsuckers up. How is this possible? Maybe ticks are smarter than most people… Read More


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