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Mobile's Handy Guide To Argentine Ant Control

argentine ants crawling on food

Most people live in homes where food is bought to be shared. They live with the knowledge that anything they buy and leave out in the open will eventually be eaten by someone. What people don’t… Read More

Why Ants Come In & How To Keep Them Out Of Your Opelika…

odorous house ants

Ants are opportunity pests. When opportunities present themselves for these pests to invade and steal food around homes, they take those opportunities. If you are having trouble keeping these invasive… Read More

How Can I Tell If The Ants Around My Auburn Property…

a rover ant on the ground

There are hundreds of species of ants in Alabama, and most of them are simply nuisance pests. However, even nuisance pests can be dangerous. Many of the nuisance species in Alabama, like dark rover… Read More

Five Easy Tricks To Keep Ants Off Your Opelika Property

dozens of fire ants in a home

Some ants eat bugs, and bugs live underneath leaf litter. When you rake leaves up, it reduces bug activity around your home. This reduction in bug activity will have an impact on ant populations. Read More


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