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The Best Way To Protect Your Mobile, AL Property From…

an up close image of termites infesting a home

You might not always see it when insects and creatures violate your Mobile home or business, as hard as that may be to believe. In a lot of cases, the damage is the only thing that will be visible… Read More

How To Keep Moths Out Of Your Auburn, AL Home

an up close image of a cloth moth on wool

Auburn homeowners should make sure they have ongoing pest remediation. There are several types of pests that can impair the structure of your space or ruin your personal effects when they get inside.… Read More

Daphne's Complete Guide To German Cockroach Control

a german cockroach in a living room

Down here south of the Mason-Dixion line, we have hot summers and very mild winters. This is a mix that Alabama cockroaches find very appealing. We have a thriving cockroach population in our area. Read More

The Secret To Effective Mosquito Control In Opelika

mosquito biting an arm

Mosquitoes are considered one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet and can be found on every continent, except Antarctica. While we may think the biggest problem with mosquitoes is an itchy… Read More

The Problems Fire Ants Bring To Your Mobile Property

ant on a leaf

In Alabama, we primarily encounter the red fire ant. Generally, most people know them when they see them, because once you've been stung, you won't forget. Read More

How Dangerous Is It To Have Mice In My Auburn Home?

house mouse in leaves

Do you want to know a secret about mice? They are incredibly dangerous. Find out how dangerous the mice here in Auburn are and learn what it takes to keep these pests out of your living areas. Read More


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