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Daphne's Deer Tick Dilemma

deer tick

Deer ticks can be a major problem for Daphne residents, thanks to the fact that they are the most common vectors of Lyme disease. It is important to recognize deer ticks and understand proper tick… Read More

What Are Some Ways To Get Rid Of Roaches In Opelika?

up close image or an oriental cockroach crawling on a kitchen floor

Cockroaches can survive various conditions and food shortages. They aren't easy to eliminate at all. Find out how you can get the best of them! Read More

Signs You Need Professional Bed Bug Removal In Auburn

signs of a bed bug infestation on a mattress

Bed bugs are small, but they can cause massive problems. Find out if “at home” methods can work and when professional interventions are needed. Read More

How to Keep Clothes Moths Out of Your Daphne Closets

a cloth moth on wool

While mothballs are an outdated method to keep your clothes safe from clothes moths, these pests are still a problem for many, including those who live in Daphne, Alabama. Read More

Common Myths Associated With Opelika, AL Termite…

up close image of a termite

Termites are silent destroyers because they can eat away at a home or business’s structure without the owner knowing for months and even years. This pest causes billions of dollars in damage each… Read More

Are The Bed Bugs In Mobile, AL A Danger For My Pets At Home?

up close image of a bed bug biting human skin

Unfortunately, bed bugs are a common home-invading pest. If you know anything about bed bugs, you know why we say this is unfortunate. An infestation of this can quickly become large and difficult to… Read More


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