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How Did Bed Bugs Get Into My Auburn Home?

a bed bug infestation on furniture

Bed bugs are a pest that many people think of with dread and fear, and this makes a lot of sense, given that they bite humans to get a blood meal. While many people assume that bed bugs are only a… Read More

What You Ought To Know About Yellow Jackets Around Your…

a yellow jacket wasp crawlingon a picnic table

When trying to enjoy your Auburn yard, dealing with stinging insects can be frustrating. The appearance of wasps around your home or business can be very off-putting and even scary because of their… Read More

Just How Dangerous Are Hornets In Opelika, Alabama?

hornet on window

Almost everyone hates stinging insects. If you have done any research, you might already know that hornets are a bit larger and more troublesome than your average wasp. The question is, how dangerous… Read More

Why DIY Pest Control In Your Opelika Home Is A Waste Of Time…

housefly about to fly away

Are you a go-getter, or a do it yourself kind of person, as many people are? It is healthy to want to fix problems around your home. Not only does it save money, but it also brings about a sense of… Read More

Eight Simple Yet Effective Tick Control Tips For Auburn…

deer tick on a leaf crawling

Ticks are about as slow as pests come, yet sometimes it seems like you can’t go outside without picking one of these bloodsuckers up. How is this possible? Maybe ticks are smarter than most people… Read More

What Everyone In Auburn Should Know About Cockroach Dangers

cockroaches a year round problem

Besides their creepy appearance, cockroaches pose a variety of severe threats to both homes and residents. For one, cockroaches carry and spread dangerous diseases such as salmonellosis, dysentery… Read More


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