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What Opelika Property Owners Need To Know About Brown…

a brown recluse spider in a web

When you’re bitten by a brown recluse spider, it not only stings on the surface for quite a while, but it chews through the layers of skin underneath, sometimes even down to the bone. That’s why,… Read More

Five Helpful Fall Pest Prevention Tips For Opelika Property…

a german cockroach perched on a rock

As the cold weather creeps in, many pests in the Opelika area will try to get into your house to find a warmer place to stay. In order to get out in front of this issue, Fall pest control is essential… Read More

How Can I Tell If The Ants Around My Auburn Property Are…

a rover ant on the ground

There are hundreds of species of ants in Alabama, and most of them are simply nuisance pests. However, even nuisance pests can be dangerous. Many of the nuisance species in Alabama, like dark rover… Read More

Four Quick & Effective Cockroach Prevention Tips For Auburn…

an american cockroach crawling on the floor

Have you ever been bitten by a cockroach? Has a roach ever attacked you? Do you know anyone who was a victim of a bad cockroach sting? Do you know the difference between an American cockroach, a… Read More

What Every Opelika Property Owner Needs To Know About Black…

a black widow spider in a home

Spiders are a pest that you very likely dread encountering around your Opelika property. Even if you aren't afraid of spiders, there's no denying that they can be off-putting and scary to look at. Read More

All The Problems Mice Can Cause In Your Opelika Home

a mouse infestaion in a kitchen

While some people might assume that mice aren't that big of a problem given their small size, they are very destructive and dangerous pests. They are also an extremely common household problem in the… Read More


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