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Why Ants Come In & How To Keep Them Out Of Your Opelika Home

odorous house ants

Ants are opportunity pests. When opportunities present themselves for these pests to invade and steal food around homes, they take those opportunities. If you are having trouble keeping these invasive… Read More

How Much Do You Know About Oriental Cockroaches In Mobile?

cockroach crawling on a tree trunk

Is there anything worse than turning on your kitchen light in the middle of the night and finding a large black bug looking up at you? Things quickly get worse when that black bug turns on a dime and… Read More

A Guide To Termite Awareness Week For Auburn Property Owners

termite walking on wood nest

Have you heard the news? It’s hard to believe, but we can confirm that termites are invading homes here in Auburn. Of course, this isn’t breaking news, termites have been invading properties since… Read More

What Opelika Homeowners Ought To Know About Pantry Moth…

indian meal moth in pantry

Pantry moths can make it inside your home in any number of ways, so it pays to learn how you can avoid introducing them to your property. Here’s where you can learn the basics. Read More

Why Year-Round Pest Control Is A Great Idea For Your Opelika…

opelika home pest control

Pest control shouldn’t be on a case-by-case basis, it needs to be frequent and preventative. Learn how we can keep you safe from infestations year-round. Read More

A Guide To Getting Ready For Termite Season In Auburn

termites and alates swarmers crawling in wood wall

Termite swarmers are the first sign of a colony-forming on your property. Do you know how to spot them and keep them away? Read More


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