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The Secret To Keeping Ticks Off Of Your Opelika Property

a tick embedded in human skin

Ticks are known for infecting unsuspecting hosts with some deadly diseases. If you manage to catch them while they're still crawling in search of a good spot to latch on, or within the first 24-36… Read More

How To Tell If Your Auburn Home Has A Cockroach Problem

a cockroach indoors on floor tile

Cockroaches secrete a hormone in their excrement that has a pungent, musky odor, and if it's an overwhelming infestation, that smell will seep into everything. It's also a siren call for other… Read More

Are The Wasps In Auburn Dangerous?

a wasp on a leaf outside

These insects are hazardous, even if you don't have an allergy. Children and elderly people are especially susceptible to adverse reactions from wasp stings, and trying to get rid of them on your own… Read More

What Attracts Wasps To Daphne Yards?

wasp flying in a backyard

More specifically, what do you do when you see a wasp buzzing nearby? Most people would move away. Besides, wasp stings are painful. Read More

What You Should Know About Termite Swarms In Mobile

termites in wood outside a home

As we head towards summer here in Mobile, more and more homeowners will be finding out their home is infested with these destructive pests. How will they be able to tell? Because termites will be… Read More

Auburn's Most Commonly Asked Bed Bug Questions

bed bug crawling on boxspring

If you don’t know much about bed bugs, but know you don’t want them around your Auburn home, then here is what you should know. Read More


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