Why You Shouldn’t Try To Get Rid Of Rodents On Your Own In Mobile

January 10, 2022

Rodents in Mobile like rats and mice can be dangerous in various ways, but more often than not, getting rid of them is a complicated process. They are always in tricky areas of your home, and you may not even know they are there before it is too late. This is why this is a professional job. They can get rid of rodents safely and efficiently without putting you or your home in harm’s way. 

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Common Rodents

In Mobile, there are many different types of rodents that you can find on your property, but the main ones you have to worry about are the stereotypical small rodents and giant rodents: mice and rats. Though they can inflict the same damage and behave in similar ways, you should understand the difference to help in identifying the different rodents:

  • Deer mice
  • House mice
  • Norway rat
  • Roof rat

The mice may look like cute rodents but they are anything but. The rat species, on the other hand, are uglier and are incredibly agile, and can climb up to the highest parts of your property. They are bigger and typically darker than mice, but they all bring the same amount of danger. 

These rodents will chew through almost anything, potentially opening your property up to fire damage in the form of exposed wires as well as water damage in broken pipes. They also carry a whole host of other parasites and can quickly spread diseases to anyone on the property.

The Dangers Rodents Pose

All of these rodents are incredibly dangerous, but one thing that you can be thankful for is that mice and rats seldom cohabitate. If you have one on your property, you will likely not find another. Though this is true, whatever rodents you have will quickly make your home or business their home. They will tear it apart from the inside out to make their nests and promptly start to breed, having multiple broods in a year.

Because of their numbers, these rodents can be incredibly difficult to remove entirely, and because they view it as their home, they will be highly aggressive if you attempt to remove them. You may also think that you are taking care of the problem when in reality, you just uncovered how big the infestation is. These rodents can chew through anything and slip through almost any hole, you will need professionals to get the job done fully.

How People Handle Rodent Infestations

When they think they have a rodent infestation, some people go out of their way and almost drive themselves crazy finding the rodents instead of getting a professional opinion. There may be minor signs in your home indicating their presence, but the question of where is always tricky to figure out. Many people will go where they think they hear things and start opening up the walls themselves, causing much more property damage in the process.

At the same time, others will buy traps or lure the rodents out with food or water, but the next part of their plan has not been as thought out. Capturing and removing the rodent is a whole new process that the average person does not have the experience to do safely.

Contact The Professionals

This is why you need to contact the pest control professionals at Prewett Pest Control & Termite. We know which parts of properties these rodents flock to and know how to take them out safely and without incident, protecting you and your property.

What we do is an interior and exterior inspection where we can fully understand your unique pest situation. From this point, we implement a targeted treatment to take care of the rodents as well as any other pests that we may find during the inspection. Additionally, Prewett Pest Control & Termite will come out and treat your property regularly to ensure you are protected from them in the future as well.

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