Why Are There So Many Spiders In My Auburn Home?

June 10, 2020

It can seem mysterious when you start to see spiders in your home, but it isn't all that mysterious if you think about it. The reasons spiders get into your home and how you can keep them out are fairly straightforward. Let's take a look at a few factors that can be adjusted to keep spiders from appearing inside your home.

a spider crawling on the floor

Entry Points

The most important reason you have spiders in your home is that spiders are able to get into your home. Spiders crawl around on the outside of your home and find tiny gaps, cracks, holes, and other openings. As they explore these openings, they find a path into your wall voids and eventually into the common spaces of your home.

What you can do about entry points:

  • Use a caulking gun to seal holes and gaps. Replace damaged weatherstripping, door sweeps, and screens.

What we can do about entry points:

  • We apply routine treatments around homes. These treatments work to repel spiders and reduce spider activity. If you miss a tiny entry point, it helps to have treatments to bolster your defenses.

Spider Attractants

The chances of a spider getting into your home increases with every spider you have crawling around on the outside of your home. There are many factors that attract spiders. If you reduce these attractants, you can better your odds.

What you can do about attractants:

  • Spiders are drawn to food, water, and harborage. Altering conditions that attract insects, such as light, moisture, and open trash, will reduce the insect populations that attract spiders. Addressing conditions that allow rainwater to be captured will remove water sources. And moving objects away from your exterior, such as stacked wood, leaves, sticks, toys, equipment, and other things spiders can hide in, will reduce their numbers.

What we can do about attractants:

  • When we visit your home, we do a pest control inspection every time and we share our findings with you. If you have trouble spots, we'll let you know.

Tiny Spiders

It is far easier for a tiny spider to get into your home than a full-grown spider. Many spiders will get into your home when they are tiny little spiderlings. One web can contain hundreds of spider eggs. If you have webs on your home, they can be a source for spider population growth.

What you can do about tiny spiders:

  • Remove webs when you see them. Do this inside and outside of your home.

What we can do about tiny spiders:

  • We remove webs as a part of the maintenance we do around your home. The tool we use gets spiders in high places that are difficult for you to reach. And once we have those spider webs, we dispose of them appropriately.

Indoor Infestations

The reason you see spiders, or their webs, inside your home is because the spiders that are already living in your home are given a reason to come out of hiding.

What you can do about indoor infestations:

  • Take measures to prevent house flies, fungus flies, fruit flies, and other flying pest infestations.

What we can do about indoor infestations:

Ongoing Pest Control

Spiders aren't all that mysterious. They enter your yard in search of food and water. They reproduce near your home. Their offspring search for food and water. They enter openings and find their way into the voids of your home. They feed on bugs in your wall and floor voids. And, if given incentive, they'll appear in the common areas of your home. All of this can be prevented with a high-quality residential pest control plan. Contact Prewett Pest Control today if you live in the Auburn area. We can help you keep your home pest-free.

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