What Opelika Homeowners Ought To Know About Pantry Moth Control

February 26, 2021

Pests that raid your pantry aren’t just annoying and gross, they are far more common than you might think. Pantry moths are some of the most common pantry pests out there, and they can invade homes or infiltrate them in creative ways. That’s why only proper pest control and professional treatments can truly help you stay free of pantry pests.

indian meal moth in pantry

What Are Pantry Moths?

Pantry moths, also called Indian meal moths, are a pest that poses unique problems in that they change drastically throughout their lives. The ones that do real damage to stored foods are the babies, the hungry larvae that eat dry goods like flour and cornmeal. Adults, on the other hand, are flying insects like all moths, able to fly in or find access points where they can get inside and lay their eggs. That’s why infestations can be so tough to avoid, pantry moths can be brought in via contaminated items or through the same methods that other common pest infestations start. Only smart buying and routine prevention can keep them out, which is something that average homeowners don’t generally know enough about.

How They Get Inside

Because pantry moths live such different lives depending on how old they are, they can be introduced into homes in a variety of ways. Not only can they be brought in via contaminated purchases at the store, but they can also make it in through an open window or door. Here are all potential introduction points for pantry moths:

  • Damaged packaging: Moths can get inside of food items at the store or in transit, not to mention within your home, if there are holes or tears in boxes and plastic. Thoroughly inspect your food items before purchase.
  • Contaminated food: Sometimes, moths or their eggs can get introduced directly at the sources of foods -- packaging centers, farms, and other processing locations. That’s why even thorough inspection of items might not always catch potential contamination. 
  • Windows & Doors: We’ve all had a moth get sucked inside as the back door opens, often waiting by light fixtures for a chance to swoop in. Mature moths quickly look to lay their eggs near places where their offspring can eat food.

Meal Moth Prevention

In addition to making smart purchases, you also need to reduce access points and the factors that attract pantry pests to your home in the first place. You can get a head start on this by doing all of the following:

  • Food storage: Transferring your dry goods from store packaging and into sturdier containers not only protects it from future pest contamination, but it can also help you inspect the item thoroughly before you put it in with the rest of your food.
  • Crack sealing: Adult moths can squeeze through holes or cracks in your exterior to gain access to the inside. You can seal off these access points by regularly inspecting and maintaining your exterior.
  • Professional treatment: The surest way to ward off all kinds of invasive insects is with professional treatments of your lawn and exterior. Learn how your local pest experts can help by inquiring about preventative treatments.

Let Experts Help

No matter what stage of their life cycle pantry moths are in, professional services can help you prevent them and clamp down fast on existing problems. At Prewett Pest Control, we can provide you with more tips on how to avoid introducing pantry pests to your home. Plus, we can get started right away on a thorough inspection of your property, looking for signs of pest activity or potential access points. These checks not only help you determine your level of risk, but they also let us formulate pest control plans that work for your home. That’s the kind of tailored service you can expect from Prewett’s trained technicians. Whether you need routine prevention to keep pests out for good or timely solutions to remove an existing problem, we can take care of it.

Keep pantry pests from contaminating your food and hurting your monthly budget, contact Prewett Pest Control today.

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