The Secret To Effective Fire Ant Control For Auburn Properties

July 9, 2020

Alabama is known for its warmth, sunshine, and hospitality. Residents of Auburn, AL are more aware than anyone else what good summer weather can do for the soul. However, they’re not the only ones enjoying the Alabama heat; fire ants also love this place year-round.

a fire ant on the ground

Fire ants are some of the worst insects to deal with in Alabama, causing health problems to family and pets. Let’s identify what these fiery pests look like for Auburn homeowners, as well as the best way to handle an infestation.

Auburn’s Fire Ant Identification Guide 

Fire ants share many of the same characteristics as other ants. Their bodies are segmented into three different parts. They have six legs, two antennae, a short rear stinger, and an abdomen larger than the ant’s head or thorax.

However, fire ants have reddish-brown bodies that are brighter than most other ant species. These ants are also small, measuring approximately 2-6 mm.

Fire ants are “fiery” not only for their bright color, but also for their painful stings, and even their fiery personalities – these pests are painful and aggressive.

Why Fire Ants Are Dangerous 

Fire ants are fighter ants. Whether you’re trying to clear their nest or just stepped a bit too close, they will attack. Equipped with venomous stingers, a fire ant will swarm and repeatedly attack another organism, and if you end up with fire ant “bites,” these painful welts take at least a week to heal.

Individuals who are sensitive to fire ant venom can experience the following symptoms:

  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • difficulty swallowing 
  • difficulty breathing

These problems are even more intensified in someone who has a heightened allergy to fire ants. This places them in a dangerous situation.

If fire ants colonize your property, they will do everything they can to stay. One queen can produce well over 1,000 eggs a day, and it only takes a month for these eggs to hatch and mature. This rapid population growth results in colonies and anthills sprouting up across your lawn, which can cause serious health problems and dangers for your family.

While these health risks alone are enough to make anyone fearful of fire ants, these pests also pose a risk to your property’s health. Fire ants will attack and eat other insects and plants, and this can potentially ruin your garden or upset the ecosystem of your yard.

Any Auburn resident experiencing a fire ant problem will want to take matters into their own hands. However, we can’t stress this enough: dealing with fire ants on your own will only make the problem worse.

Why You Can’t Get Rid Of Fire Ants Alone 

When fire ants create a colony, they make it so that it’s near impossible to get rid of them. These colonies are dug far below the ground to accommodate such a fast-growing population, making simple poisons or other treatments ineffective.

Additionally, disrupting one fire ant colony will only create two more – each with new queens. This only results in a fire ant problem that’s more destructive and fast-growing.

Let Auburn’s local pest control experts deal with them instead. The exterminators at Prewett Pest Control are equipped with the right products and fire ant experience to protect your family from further fire ant problems. Reach out today, and we’ll secure your property from these invasive, destructive pests.

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