The Best Way To Protect Your Mobile, AL Property From Termites

September 10, 2021

You might not always see it when insects and creatures violate your Mobile, AL home or business, as hard as that may be to believe. In a lot of cases, the damage is the only thing that will be visible. Pests that target wood are notorious “silent killers.” Termites are the perfect example. They often fester inside of structures or beneath the soil while they wreak havoc.

Every year, Americans put forth an estimated $5 billion to combat or recover from termites. Typically, insurance companies don’t cover or mediate these types of costs. With that in mind, you have to familiarize yourself with the operation of these insects. Then, you’ll be better equipped to manage their populations. Prewett Pest Control can be of great help when it comes to termite control and prevention.

an up close image of termites infesting a home

How Do Termites Function?

Workers, soldiers, and swarmers are what a termite colony is made of. Across the multiple subspecies, there is variation in how each looks. However, workers in the region are usually 0.12 of an inch long. Color-wise, they are white or grayish-white. Living up to their name, these termites grind wood. To make sure they aren’t interrupted by other pests, soldiers will protect them with their sizable mandibles. They have rectangular heads and can be yellow-brown.

Swarmers are reproductive bugs. When a nest is full, it will be time for them to fly out, mate, and cultivate a new colony. They are ½ of an inch long and brown, black, or yellow. Since they are drawn to light sources, you may see them by lamps and windows. Sightings are an infestation sign, along with:

  • Discovering the discarded wings of swarmers
  • Finding masses of fecal frass by the maze patterns, holes, and mud tubes of termites
  • Having hollow-sounding walls
  • Hearing clicking and rustling from behind walls
  • Seeing that paint is chipping and bloating
  • Observing that drywall is off-color and loose  
  • Tiles that are movable
  • Floorboards pressing in with pressure  
  • Window frames or doors that are tight-fitting

Termites attacking wood actually assist the ecosystem in staying balanced. Restorative nutrients are released into the soil in the process. Plants and trees need these elements to develop properly. These bugs also provide a nutritional benefit; they are a delicacy in other countries.

What Are the Dangers Associated With Termites?

Even with these favorable facets, they are still a detriment to property owners. Bases and walls fall apart in their wake, making domiciles and establishments dangerous to be in. Repair or relocation expenses can be very high. Medical bills can come about if there’s a related injury. Diseases won’t be a concern, but allergic reactions very well can be.

Are There Ways to Prevent Termites?

Maintaining preventative protocols is a must if you hope to spare your home or business from termite drama. These pests can procreate in volume with speed. At the core of the necessary tasks is exterior care:

  • Replace or get rid of wood that is rotting or ruined.
  • Have moisture breakdowns and leaks fixed immediately, especially if it’s affecting the wood.
  • Close up openings in caulk, foundations, and utility lines.
  • Put screens on all exterior doors.
  • Clean your vents and gutters regularly.
  • Distance wood stacks and plants from the property by two feet.
  • Don’t let loose wood, such as fire logs, touch soil.  
  • Mow the grass and trim the greenery on a routine basis.
  • Have annual inspections done by Prewett Pest Control.

How Will Prewett Pest Control Handle Termites?

We at Prewett Pest Control have safe, industrial-grade solutions for termites that you won’t be able to buy at a retail store. Our expert technicians will employ bait systems and/or liquid treatments. These avenues are fashioned to eliminate termite colonies and set up barriers. Pre-construction options and Wood-Destroying Insect Reports are available. To request your free termite inspection or to learn more about our Mobile, AL pest management services, give us a call today!

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