How To Tell If The Spiders Around Your Auburn Home Are Dangerous

February 7, 2021

Spotting dangerous creatures isn’t just a skill to employ out in the wilderness, it can be helpful for identifying pests, too. Most spiders, for instance, aren’t dangerous to people or our pets. But some spider bites are more serious than others, and responding to these kinds of infestations requires more caution and skill than average homeowners possess.

house spider on a wall

Common Spiders To Find

Spiders are the most common arachnids you’re likely to see, both outside and indoors. While all of them have venom that they use to hunt small bugs, most of them aren’t potent enough to cause much harm to people. In North America, we don’t have many spiders that are venomous enough to cause worse symptoms or be lethal. However, there are still spiders that can cost you a trip to the emergency room to deal with their painful or nauseating bites. Here are some of the most common spiders in Alabama:

  • House spiders: this category includes a wide range of species, from orb weavers to sac spiders. These tend to be brown and can range in size depending on how much prey is around for them to eat. Their bites are generally harmless, though they result in itchy welts.
  • Black widows: One of the most venomous spiders in the South, these are jet black and noted by the crimson hourglass shape found on their bellies. Bites can cause more serious conditions, like vomiting and dizziness.
  • Brown widows: Less venomous than their darker colored cousins, brown widows have white bands on their legs and lack the dark pigment of black widows.

The Dangers Of Spiders

No matter what kind of spider you’re noticing around your property, they can all be signs of a larger danger than bites that rarely occur in the first place. All spiders are indicative of larger pest populations because they hunt insects that are already there. If those populations go unchecked, spiders can grow in size and become far more active, increasing your risk of bites if they are, in fact, one of the venomous varieties. Even in the wintertime, when we notice bug populations far less, spiders can stay active thanks to a built-in anti-freeze system that keeps them alive during cold months. You’ll still notice them indoors then, however, as the pests they feed on hunker down inside of properties to survive the winter. That’s why spider prevention is harder than people think because it includes the prevention of all kinds of pests that can attract dangerous spiders to your property.

Beware The Signs

Because some spider varieties pose greater health risks, it’s important to know some of the universal signs to watch out for when trying to identify a spider. That said, your best bet is to call a professional to come to look for you, to truly make sure you’re not coming into contact with some nasty poison, but here are some signs to beware of:

  • Color: Bright colors are the universal sign of dangerous animals in nature. Spiders are no exception, with bright yellow or red marks usually being a good indicator of more highly venomous species.
  • Markings: While there are plenty of spiders with bizarre markings that are relatively harmless, bold patterns and shapes are often indicators of dangerous spiders.
  • Bites: Unfortunately, most people aren’t even aware of a spider’s presence until a bite has already occurred, and they may not have gotten a good look before the critter scurried off. If you notice worsening symptoms, like rash, nausea, or light-headedness, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately.

Spider Control Done Right

While it’s important to know what to look for, spiders are good at hiding. Most venomous species rest during the day, hiding in dark places, and emerge to hunt at night. That means you’re less likely to see spiders directly to know whether they are serious or not. That’s why it’s always better to simply turn to professionals for routine inspections and pest services. At Prewett Pest Control, our trained staff can let you know whether venomous spiders are a problem on your property because we know all the places spiders are likely to hide and what factors often attract them. We’ll work with you to address these issues and take steps to prevent future infestations of spiders or any of the bugs they hunt.

Stay safe from dangerous spider bites with proven control from Prewett Pest Control.

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