How to Keep Clothes Moths Out of Your Daphne Closets

November 30, 2021

While mothballs are an outdated method to keep your clothes safe from clothes moths, these pests are still a problem for many, including those who live in Daphne, Alabama.

Clothes moths differ from others as they feed on the keratin in animal fibers. Their diet consists of fur, leather, felt, silk, feathers, wool, and more. While these fabrics can be used to make items throughout your homes, such as rugs and blankets, they are most often found in wardrobes, which is why this particular moth species is named as such. They should not be confused for the species that consume dry goods known as pantry moths, as each species requires a particular method of treatment.

While adult clothes moths are about have an inch in length and have a golden color, it is the larvae that you need to worry about as they are the only life stage that feeds on the fabrics listed above. Clothes moth larvae are also known as caterpillars and can be identified by:

  • Quarter to half an inch in length.
  • Cream-colored body
  • Brown head
  • Silky webbing

Because of their size, they don’t cause a lot of damage at one time. Instead, they will slowly eat small holes in clothing and other items, causing damage over time. Due to this, they often go unnoticed for some time.

No one wants their clothing and other items they spend their hard-earned money on damaged. To keep this from happening in your Daphne home, you should be aware of how to prevent clothes moths and what to do if you have an infestation.

a cloth moth on wool

Moth Prevention Tips

While keeping a close eye on sweaters and other items made out of animal fibers for damage, a great way to catch clothes moths in the act, wouldn’t you prefer they never get inside in the first place? Sure you do! Here are several clothes moth prevention tips that are beneficial to implement throughout your property:

  • Clean and inspect all of your clothes before you store them from the season. This will help ensure no moth eggs or tube-shaped casings are on these items sitting in storage for months.
  • Use air-tight storage boxes or vacuum-sealed bags to make sure no moths get inside to lay eggs.
  • Air out your clothes regularly, moving and ruffling them in the process. This is important to do as these moths hate movement and light.
  • Use natural repellents like cedar that contains oils that kill moths. There are many products you can use in your home that utilize these natural oils. Some will even use cedar storage chests or panel their closet in cedar to keep their wardrobe safe from these pests.
  • Replace torn screens and weather stripping around exterior doors and windows. You should also keep doors and windows closed as often as possible as this is the main way this pest gets inside.

Moth Elimination

If you see signs of damage on items made out of animal fiber, you can take your clothes to the dry cleaners or place them in a sealed bag in the freezer to remove the pest. However, this will not fix the larger problem of how clothes moths are getting inside in the first place. For total moth elimination, you should contact the professionals at Prewett Pest Control.

With our effective home pest control plans, your home will be moth-free and protected against the other pests that might want to get inside. So, don’t wait, call today!

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