How Are Mice Getting Into My Mobile Home?

February 25, 2022

Mice in Mobile are rather tricky. They have many people fooled into thinking that they are harmless, adorable creatures that aren't that big of a deal. But, while it's true that mice can be pets, the mice in Mobile that are wild and invade properties can be dangerous. These mice aren't just a nuisance; they are, in fact, some of the most destructive and potentially harmful pests in the area. It's important to know how these mice are getting into your home and to learn how to get comprehensive mouse control.

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How To Tell If You Have Mice Or Rats In Your Mobile House

One question many people have is whether or not rats look and act the same. The truth is that mice and rats can cause similar problems, and they look rather similar. However, mice are much smaller. There are also a few key differences you can look for to tell mice and rats apart.

Mice have longer, thinner tails in proportion to their bodies, while rats have thicker, scaly tails. Mice also have pointier, slimmer muzzles while a rat's face looks broader and blunter. Lastly, mice have larger ears and eyes in comparison to their bodies than rats do.

How A Mouse Infestation Starts In Mobile

Mice are some of the most common pests in the area. Both mice and rats have become dependent on humans for their survival. They will often search for man-made structures to build their nests and gain access to food and water. Overall, mice can be difficult to prevent as they can easily find ways indoors.

Mice can fit through openings as small as a dime and will find cracks around the exterior wall or foundation in order to gain access. Mice also have the ability to chew through wires, plumbing, drywall, plastic, plaster, and more. With their strong teeth, it's not that difficult for them to make new entry points.

Things That Attract Mice To Your Mobile Home

Mice tend to invade properties that provide them with ample food and water sources. They also prefer cluttered areas that allow them many places to hide. Some of the main factors that attract them are dirty kitchens, lots of yard debris, clutter around garages, and moisture problems on the property.

How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Mice In Mobile Homes

There are a few steps you can take to prevent mice. Mainly you need to remove or reduce the factors that attract them. Some of the steps you can take to deter mce include:

  • Sealing up entry points into the home with steel wool and covering chimney and vents with wire mesh.
  • Cleaning up kitchens often and wiping up food crumbs and drink spills.
  • Clearing up yard debris, such as old vegetables and fruits, mulch, leaf litter, and grass clippings.
  • Covering all trash cans with lids that mice can't slip under. 

But, the best and simplest way to prevent mice or remove them is with assistance from Prewett Pest Control & Termite. We offer comprehensive mouse control services you can count on, and our plans are much more effective than trying to remove these invasive pests on your own.

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