Don't Let Roof Rats Destroy Your Opelika Home

June 10, 2022

One of the worst types of rats you can have in your home, roof rats are as elusive as they are numerous. Named after their outstanding acrobatic abilities, roof rats prefer to nest in elevated areas, often infiltrating Opelika homes and living in people's attics.

However, these wild little rodents can thrive just about anywhere on your property while being frustratingly difficult to deter. That's why our experts at Prewett Pest Control & Termite have put together this quick and easy guide to pest control in Opelika. Here, we'll outline everything you need to know about these pesky nocturnal foragers, starting with how to identify them and eventually revealing the fastest, most effective ways to get rid of rats and keep them away for good. Read on to discover what our team of trained technicians can do for you.

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Identifying Roof Rats

There are many different types of rats to contend with within our area. It's essential to accurately identify the problem to implement a solution, especially against pests as prolific as roof rats. Here are a few key aspects of their appearance to help you identify roof rats:

  • Thin frames
  • Long tails
  • Pointed nose
  • Brown or black fur, lighter-colored undersides

Roof rats are elusive creatures, so if you spot any actual rodents on your property, you should take action as soon as possible – where there's one rat, there are most likely many more. Other signs you can use to identify roof rats on your property include fecal droppings, oily stains on your walls, and, most importantly, gnaw marks.

Roof Rats Could Destroy Wiring In Your House

Gnaw marks are one of the most egregious signs of rats in your home. Roof rats, like all rodents, are characterized by the constant growth of their front incisors, which they must file down by constantly gnawing on various materials. This natural instinct to chew with can lead to catastrophic property damage when roof rats invade your home; not only will your walls fall victim, but your electrical wiring could be compromised as well. Damaged wiring inside your walls is a serious fire hazard, so it's all the more important to protect your home from roof rats.

Ways To Deter Roof Rats In Opelika

Although it's undoubtedly a challenge to get rid of rats at home, pest control becomes much more manageable with the right tools and techniques. The first step is to establish some solid prevention measures. Roof rats are opportunistic and adaptable, able to infiltrate most homes with relative ease, but by following these proven steps for rodent prevention; you can make an infestation far less likely:

  • Keep your property clean and clutter-free
  • Practice proper food storage using airtight containers
  • Practice proper garbage disposal using securely latching bins
  • Seal cracks and crevices around your home
  • Trim tree branches near your home that may help to lead roof rats inside
  • Eliminate excess moisture

The steps above are an essential foundation for rodent control, but there's one last step you can take to guarantee your home stays rodent-free. 

Getting Rid Of Roof Rats For Good

The best way to get rid of rats is to partner with professionals. Roof rats are difficult to deal with on your own, so if you're noticing the signs of an infestation, reach out to our experts at Prewett Pest Control & Termite to prevent the problem from growing.

Our team of licensed pest control professionals can be there as soon as it's convenient for you, equipped with the tools and techniques necessary to take care of any stubborn rodent population. If you want to protect your home from roof rats, give us a call, and discover what Prewett Pest Control & Termite can do for you today.

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