Do I Need Professional Rodent Control For My Daphne Property?

October 31, 2021

Rodents in Daphne are hard to avoid. And while you might expect to see rodents in a back alley or field mice in a grassy path, you probably don’t expect to see them in your home. In reality, rodents are common invaders of local homes and businesses. Learn more about why you need professional rodent control and what it means for your property.

a house mouse crawling in a kitchen cabinet

Rodents In Daphne

In Daphne, you can expect to see either rats or mice on your property unless you take measures to keep them away. It’s very rare to see both types of rodents together, but you still should have some concerns. One mouse or one rat is far too many.

If you have rats on your property, they are likely to be either Norway rats or roof rats. The two species are drastically different if you look closely at them. While Norway rats are stout ground-dwellers, roof rats are slender climbers. They often make their way up into attics and on treetops. Meanwhile, Norway rats remain on the ground level.

As far as mice go, the most common home invader is the house mouse. This small rodent tends to be brown, gray, or black and has a hairy tail. Although the house mouse may look cute, it can cause just as much trouble as other rodents.

Why Rodents Are Dangerous

Does it really matter if you have rodents in your Daphne home? Unless you want to experience some serious consequences, it does matter. Rodents are known to spread several harmful diseases to humans. When they urinate and defecate on your surfaces or in your food, rodents contaminate everything. You could be sent to the hospital because of rodents in your home.

Rodents also bring other pests, like fleas and ticks, with them. As if the diseases spread by rodents weren’t enough, their parasites make it even more dangerous for you. It’s essential to take measures to protect yourself, or you could become very ill.

Of course, that’s not the only issue with rodents. When you have rats and mice around, you can bet that there will be some property damage. They need to chew on things, and that could mean your home undergoes damage. If your rodent invaders get into your wiring, they could cause a short that results in a fire.

Why Professional Help Matters So Much

By now, you probably realize the importance of keeping rodents away. But why can’t you do that on your own? Do it-yourself (DIY) rodent control seems so much more inexpensive than working with a professional. Wouldn’t it be best to handle the issue on your own?

If you try to deal with rodents by yourself, you won’t have much success. For one, you probably can’t keep rodents out of your property. They can chew through any opening and use it as a way to get into your home. No matter how well you try to seal up your Daphne property, rodents can get inside.

Secondly, rodents are quick breeders. If you don’t have a way to eliminate every rodent in your walls, you will continue to deal with an infestation. Most homeowners don’t know where to find rodents, nor do they know how to use rodent control methods effectively.

Don’t Wait For Help

If you choose not to work with a professional for rodent control, you will put everyone in your household in danger. Here at Prewett Pest Control, we use safe and effective methods of rodent control. We use our years of experience to get the job done. If you want to learn more, call us today and find out what ongoing rodent protection can do for you.

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