Brown Bark Scorpions In Mobile, AL: What Every Resident Should Know

October 15, 2021

One of the most dangerous and common scorpions in Mobile, Alabama, is the brown bark scorpion. Although most people don't even realize that this scorpion could be lurking in their yard, it poses a serious threat to you. Learn more about this Mobile pest and find out what you should do about it if you see it in your home or commercial property.

up close image of a bark scorpion on wood

What Are Brown Bark Scorpions?

These scorpions are one of a few types of scorpions to live in Alabama. They grow to be between two and three inches long and have tan bodies. If you find one of these scorpions on your property, you can be sure others are around.

Although brown bark scorpions in Mobile have a more painful sting than other scorpions, they have similar behaviors. These pests tend to remain hidden and only come out at night when they feed on other insects. As crickets and other unsuspecting insects walk by, these scorpions attack and enjoy a meal.

Brown bark scorpions usually live outside where there is high humidity and moisture. As a result, they usually live under rocks and debris. If you flip over a stone and see an eight-legged pest with pinchers, you're probably looking at a scorpion. It may be difficult for you to tell this scorpion from the other scorpions in Mobile, but you don't need to identify it yourself. A trained technician can help you identify your unwanted pest.

Are Brown Bark Scorpions Dangerous?

All scorpions have venom and the ability to sting when they sense a threat. However, the potency of the venom varies. Brown bark scorpions are more venomous than the other local species, and you can expect a painful sting.

Under most circumstances, the sting from these insects won't result in a fatality. But, on occasion, it can have serious complications. Some people have allergic reactions and need immediate medical attention. In young children and animals, the venom can result in erratic muscular movement and heart issues.

If you're not a child or allergic to the sting of a brown bark scorpion,  you can still expect the sting to be painful. You should seek advice from your doctor and be ready for swelling, itching, and a burning sensation.

When Do Bites Happen

Most scorpion bites occur either as an accident or from someone antagonizing the pest. If you pull weeds without gloves, a scorpion might bite you. But this local pest won't go out of its way to bite you.

To avoid a sting, take measures to keep bark scorpions away. When you are in scorpion territory, be on the lookout for them.

How To Deter These Pests

The best way to prevent a scorpion sting is to keep them away from your home. To accomplish this, do the following:

  • Maintain Your Lawn And Yard: Mow your lawn regularly and trim your bushes. When you clean up your yard, don't leave piles of debris around. Check for piles of stones, wood, and anything else that might attract scorpions.
  • Seal Up Walls: Do you have cracks and holes in your walls? If so, scorpions can easily get indoors. Make your home much less accessible by sealing up the exterior.
  • Keep Other Pests Out: Scorpions need food to survive. If you don't have other insects inside your home, brown bark scorpions won't invade. You can rely on our ongoing pest prevention at Prewett Pest Control to keep all pests away. 

At Prewett Pest Control, our team has years of experience and a dedication to keeping you safe. With us by your side, you can trust that brown bark scorpions in Mobile will stay away. If you're ready to learn more about our home pest control services, call us now.

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