Are The Bed Bugs In Mobile, AL A Danger For My Pets At Home?

November 10, 2021

Unfortunately, bed bugs are a common home-invading pest. If you know anything about bed bugs, you know why we say this is unfortunate. An infestation of this can quickly become large and difficult to control as they can go over a year without feeding and will hide throughout homes, not just around beds. Bed bugs have a flat oval-shaped body, six legs, and dark coloring. This pest doesn’t have wings, and if they have recently fed, they will be swollen and red.

For the people they infest, bed bugs can cause much stress and sleepless night, which are two things no cares to experience on account of these pests. Not only are people affected by bed bugs, but pets are too, and no one wants to see their pet in distress. As a Mobile, AL resident, you should know how bed bugs can affect your pets and how you can help keep them protected.

up close image of a bed bug biting human skin

Why Are Bed Bugs Attracted To Pets?

Bed bugs bite pets because our furry friends emit the factors such as carbon dioxide and heat that bed bugs are attracted to.

Because bed bugs don’t like hair or fur, bites will be in areas with less fur, such as the belly and ears. While bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases to people or pets, but their bites are enough to upset your pet. Plus, there is a risk for secondary infection if your pet scratches or licks the bites.

Bed Bugs Or Fleas?

Bed bugs are external parasites like fleas and ticks, but they don’t live on the host, unlike fleas. If there are bed bugs on your pet, there is likely an infestation nearby because they can’t travel far. If you see your pet scratching more than usual, there is a chance they are dealing with one of the parasites. While bed bugs are big enough to see, fleas, on the other hand, are not. Other signs of a parasite on your pet are:

  • Excessively biting themselves
  • Restlessness
  • Irritated red skin
  • Sudden hair loss

If you see these signs and symptoms, you should act quickly and not delay to resolve the problem, as bed bug infestations only exacerbate over time.

What To Do About Bed Bugs?

While your pets should be on appropriate flea and tick medication recommended by your veterinarian, this medication, unfortunately, does not protect them against bed bugs. If you suspect bed bugs have been biting your pet, you should inspect their bedding and place it on the highest possible heat setting in the dryer.

If your pet is experiencing any symptoms, it is wise to consult their vet to ensure they are not at risk of infection or are not dealing with any other health concerns.

Due to the nature of bed bugs, if your pet has symptoms, chances are your home is infested. This may mean that you and the rest of your family have exposure to bites as well. The best way to combat a bed bug infestation is with help from the pros. If you live in Mobile, Alabama, you should contact us at Prewett Pest Control.

With our in-depth inspection and control process, your home will be bed bug-free in no time. So don’t wait; reach out to us today at Prewett Pest Control to learn more about our home pest control services and how we can help you and your pets with bed bugs.

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