A Step-By-Step Guide To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Opelika Home

November 19, 2020

cellar spiders hanging from a ceiling

What has eight legs, eight eyes, and a pair of long, vicious fangs? If you guessed these web-spinning weasels, you’d be correct!

Arachnids of all sorts have made their homes down here in the southern United States. Some of the spiders common to the Opelika area include:

  • Wolf Spiders
  • Cellar Spiders
  • Jumping Spiders
  • Pholcidae Spiders (Daddy Long Leg Spiders)
  • Black Widow Spiders

Most of the species listed above are harmless, and cannot affect the health of human beings or their pets. However, none of them are a welcome sight in the home. It will take decisive preventative action, as well as ongoing professional pest control, to truly tame a spider problem before it becomes an infestation.

The Opelika Homeowners’ List Of Spider Prevention Tips

We know that spiders are not particularly attracted to the inside of our homes, so what makes them decide to set up shop indoors?

The fact is, spiders are nomadic wanderers that go wherever their prey may wander. Should you notice a growing number of spiders inside your Opelika home, you may be watching another type of pest infestation begin to grow and swell!

If you start to experience a spike in spider activity, follow these helpful prevention tips:

  • Start by addressing the spiders’ access to pest prey in the home. Getting a home inspection is a great way to identify and diagnose pest problems you may not have noticed before.
  • Store your food in properly sealed containers, and keep all garbage locked in airtight or other pest-proof bins. Exposed food items will attract large amounts of pest prey, drawing in spider populations.
  • Check screens and door sweeps for signs of potential entry points. Replace damaged items immediately, or reach out to a local contractor for additional help.
  • Clear clutter such as boxes, shoes, and paper stacks from corners and floors. These provide areas for spiders in which to hide, as well as ample food for prey insects such as cockroaches and termites.
  • Sweep away and otherwise de-web the sides and windows of your home’s exterior.
  • Check for cracks around the foundations of the home. Fill in any and all potential entry points with waterproof sealant or caulking.
  • Address moisture issues with dehumidifiers, desiccant bags, and the repair of leaky pipes and drains.

Concerned there’s a prevention step you missed? Get a rundown of all our advanced techniques when you contact Prewett Pest Control for a residential inspection.

Spiders Inside? Find A Solid Ally With Prewett Pest Control!

Spiders aren’t necessarily going to make you fear for your life, but they can and will startle you out of your senses – multiple times! If any form of spider is hunting inside the house, more serious pest control problems may be lurking just beneath the surface.

Contact Prewett Pest Control for more advice and assistance relating to the care of spider problems in your Opelika home. Our locally operated business takes your safety seriously, especially when it comes to dangerous arachnids stalking around your home, business, or property. Our focus on home prevention and care, affordable pest treatments, and pest-free guarantees make us one of the most customer-focused small businesses in the Opelika area. We don’t just prove it. We’re Prewett Pest Control!

To watch our staff swing into action against your spider-infested home, reach out to the team at Prewett Pest Control today. Communication contact points are available in-person at our office, online using the contact form, and through our primary Opelika phone number. Discover pest experts that care for your home as much as you do by contacting Prewett Pest Control today!

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