A Handy Termite Prevention Guide For Auburn Property Owners

January 14, 2021

Whether you own a home or business in Auburn, a termite infestation can cause financial ruin. To save yourself the money and headache that comes with an infestation, you can take steps to prevent termites. Follow this guide and learn how to make your home safe from termites and their damage. 

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What Do Termites Look Like?

If you don't know much about termites, you could confuse them for ants. But the two pests in Auburn are actually very different. Most termites don't have well-defined segments like ants do. Termites are also white in color, and there are no local white ants. Additionally, termites have straight antennae, and ants have bent antennae.

If you see something that you suspect is a termite, don't take time to try to identify the insect yourself. Instead, you should contact a residential or commercial pest control specialist. In addition to identifying the pest, they can take steps to effectively remediate the problem.

Can You Tell When You Have Termites?

Some pests make their appearance obvious, but others are more invisible. Because termites remain in your walls, they don't often make it known that they're around. Unless you know what to look for, you won't realize you have termites until it's too late.

Termites eat cellulose, so they are attracted to wood products. Generally, termites are happy to remain in your walls and chew through your wood. Eventually, they might end up in your wooden furniture. When they do, you might see more signs of their presence.

You can tell termites are around if you notice the following:

  • Termite droppings, also known as frass
  • Buckled ceilings
  • Tight-fitting doors and/or windows
  • Hollow timber

What's The Real Problem With Termites?

Termites might not make you sick, but they could destroy your home or business. As they eat your wood, termites weaken the structural elements of your home. Your doors, windows, and floors could need to be replaced. Even worse, you might need to replace structural wood in your walls.

Another issue with termites is the fact that they're difficult to remove on your own. For termite removal, you should only trust the experts.

What Attracts Termites?

If your home has any wooden elements, there's a chance that you could have a termite problem. That said, there are certain things that are particularly attractive to termites. For example, termites love moist wood. If you have a leak in your property or a flood, termites may find your structure appealing.

Termites also tend to end up in yards with lots of debris. If you have piles of branches, tree stumps, or other debris in your yard, you could be attracting termites.

How Can You Keep Termites Away?

To keep termites from causing you significant damage, you can take a few preventive measures. All of the following tips will limit your chances of a termite infestation affecting you:

  • Store wood and firewood piles away from your wooden structures.
  • Keep your wooden structures from directly touching soil with a cement slab.
  • Maintain a clean yard, free of debris.
  • Address moisture issues by fixing leaks and reducing humidity in your property.

Work With A Professional

While the steps above make your property less appealing to termites, there's no guarantee that it will keep them away. For the best chance at termite prevention and control, you should call us at Prewett Pest Control.

Our experienced technicians understand how important it is to keep termites out of your home or business. They're highly trained and can do what it takes to prevent an infestation. If you're ready to protect your property or kick out your termites, contact us at Prewett Pest Control.

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