A Handy Guide To Bed Bug Prevention For Auburn Property Owners

November 12, 2020

bed bug biting skin crawling

We love them, we hate them, and – well, let’s forget about that first part.

Bed bugs are some of the least loved parasitic pests in Auburn. Rusty-red and oval-like in appearance, this type of insect is often referred to as a ‘biting hitchhiker’ due to its tendency to travel with and suck blood from their victims.

Bed bugs cause a host of health issues in their victims, including itching bites, insomnia, and even anemia in extreme cases. It is important to address a bed bug issue as soon as it is discovered in order to protect yourself and your family from harm.

Why Auburn Homeowners Get Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs are some of those hitchhiking pests that can appear anywhere people do. By grabbing onto bags, luggage cases, and even clothing, these insects just love being taken for a ride. Some of the most recognized bed bug hot spots in Auburn include:

  • Hotels, motels, Air BnBs, and other lodging establishments
  • Medical facilities including nursing homes, hospice care, and pediatric centers
  • Transportation hubs, usually involving bus stations, train depots, and airport terminals
  • Cruise ships and vacation destinations
  • Primary and secondary schools, as well as universities and colleges

Bed bugs don’t just rely on locations to find their next victims. These insects are perfectly capable of spreading through secondhand appliances as well. Some of the most suspect secondary item purchases may include:

  • Mattresses
  • Electronics
  • Washing and Drying Machines

The purchase of secondhand goods and travel to and from various locations is simply unavoidable. Instead, be familiar with the signs and symptoms of bed bug activity before you travel about or buy something from someone else.

  • Excrement spots or blood spatter on upholstery are often the primary signs of bed bug activity.
  • Check for any strange or unexplained scents in a room or on an item. Sweet, musky, often moldy odors may be a sign of bed bug presence.
  • Look for bed bug exoskeletons, usually light brown in appearance and bundled up together in rooms and around secondhand items.

If you spot any of the above signs in the goods or locations you are frequenting, immediately inform the seller or area manager and remove yourself from the premises. Not sure if something you purchased is already carrying these biting bugs? Get a home inspection with Prewett Pest Control today to take the burden off your mind.

100% Protection, 100% Guarantee With Prewett Pest Control

As much as we’d like to trust in our own abilities, bed bug prevention is never 100%. DIY methods, home remedies, and other forms of over the counter chemicals only do so much to keep these insects at bay. After all, it only takes one or two bugs to breed an entire infestation.

If you do bring bed bugs into your home, it will be important to contact the professionals at Prewett Pest Control right away. Modern, convenient, and effective to the core, the hardworking team at Prewett Pest Control was designed to be customer-centric in all of their affairs. We make dealing with bed bugs a snap, providing K-9 inspections, household treatments, and follow up visits that protect you long after the date of infestation. Not dealing with bed bugs yet? Let Prewett Pest Control create a powerful barrier around your home that stops encroaching bugs in their tracks.

Get the prevention, elimination, and inspection you deserve when you reach out to Prewett Pest Control today. Service agents are standing by online, over the phone, and in-person at our local Auburn branch to address your needs in a timely manner. Don’t just let your bed bug problem fester. Get help faster with Prewett Pest Control today!

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