When rodents get into your Auburn home, they can be mysterious. If you're not in the rodent control business, it is likely that you're going to have a difficult time understanding what these animals are doing inside your home and why you're not able to get rid of them. What happens more often than we'd like is that customers attempt to get rid of rodents on their own, first. This has many unexpected, and often damaging, results. Here are a few things you should know about mice and rats and why it is best to call a professional about rodents in your Auburn home.

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Why Mice Don't Go For The Cheese

If you grew up watching cartoon mice eating cheese, you might think that this is their favorite food. It actually isn't. They prefer seeds and nuts. Traps that have peanut butter on them will have more success catching mice than those containing cheese. Not only is peanut butter more desirable to them, but it sticks to the latch. But selecting the wrong bait is far from the only way traps can fail to capture mice and rats. You can put traps down all day, every day, and never catch a rodent. Professionals use smart technologies and field-tested methods to outsmart rodents and ensure the success of their traps.

What Happens When You Catch Your Rodent?

Let's say you wake up and find a rodent caught in your trap. That's great. You're doing better than most. Let's say that this happens two more times and then you stop catching rodents. What will you think? Will you consider your infestation handled? Will you put it behind you? What you might not know is that trapping rodents is only one part of a rodent control plan. Professionals use several methods together to ensure the success of a rodent control program. A professional may use any of the following:

Cultural modification. There are conditions around your home that invite rodents to explore your property. When these are altered, rodents are deterred and fewer rodents find their way inside.

Sanitation. Rodents are drawn to the scent of decaying organic matter, and they feed on rotting food, crumbs, and other food debris. Proper sanitation is very helpful in managing rodent pressures.

Exclusions. While rodents can chew holes in order to gain access to your home, they're more likely to take advantage of holes that already exist. They're drawn to tight spaces. If a hole is too small, they'll chew on it and make it larger. A professional might apply caulking, expanding foam, metal flashing, hardware cloth, or some other material to keep rodents out. It is important to keep in mind that if you don't seal your exterior, you're going to keep trapping rodents indefinitely.

What Happens When Rodents Aren't Dealt With?

In many cases, rodent infestations are only particularly dealt with. While some rodents are caught, many more are hiding in wall voids and other hidden places within a home. Successful DIY trapping often leads to trap-shy rodents. Some professionals have been fooled by this rodent behavior. Professionals now perform inspections to find evidence of continued rodent activity, and they no longer trust that empty traps means no rodents remain. Without the knowledge to perform an inspection and to properly interpret the appearance of rodents in traps, it can allow mice and rats to continue to impact your life. They will continue to:

  • Chew holes in your exterior and allow rainwater in

  • Damage stored furniture and make nests inside

  • Rip up insulation, wallpaper, sheetrock, stored clothes, and more

  • Leave excrement and urine generously in areas they infest

  • Damage food packaging and contaminate the contents

  • Contaminate dishes, silverware, counters, and food-prep surfaces

  • Spread ticks and fleas throughout your home

  • Create conditions for ongoing sickness

  • Chew on wiring in your walls and present a risk of fire

  • Bite you when you accidentally go into a space and surprise them (this is mostly a concern with rats)

Rodent Control In Auburn

If you live in Auburn, Alabama, let the pest professionals here at Prewett Pest Control inspect your property, determine a control plan, administer appropriate products, apply appropriate methods, and monitor your rodent control program to make sure no rodents remain in your property. In light of all the ways rodents can impact your life in harmful ways, this is the best solution. Our technicians are highly-trained individuals and they follow the best practices established by industry experts. Rodent control isn't about what products you use. There is a science and methodology that must be followed in order to achieve control of these smart and resourceful animals. Reach out to us today to schedule an inspection for your Auburn property. We have the knowledge and experience to get the results you want.


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