Mice love Opelika homes. You may not know this, but your home offers mice what they want most in life. No, not food - though that is certainly a factor. A mouse would live in your home even if there wasn't a single morsel of food. So what is it that mice love about your home? The same thing you love about it. Your home protects you from the elements. It keeps you safe from predators. It reduces your contact with bugs that want to bite you. Mice want these amenities as well. This makes mice want to live in your home; and it is hard to convince them otherwise. Let's take a look at a few more reasons why you can't seem to get mice out of your home.

a mouse eating bread crumbs in a home
a mouse crawling in a tea cup

Mice Control Often Fails

There are many options for eliminating mice. These options seem straightforward, but they aren't. Not even a little bit. Take traps for instance. It seems like common sense. You set the trap. You put bait on the trap. You put the traps down where mice can find them, and WHAM!! You have yourself a mouse. Unfortunately, it doesn't work this way. Here are just a few of the reasons it is hard to catch a mouse with a trap.

  • Mice avoid new things that are placed in their environment.

  • Mice move along baseboards and aren't likely to go after food on a trap that is away from the wall.

  • Mice will avoid a trap if they smell you on it.

  • Mice can eat food off a trap without being caught in the trap. These little rodents are incredibly fast.

  • Mice may turn their nose up at a trap with cheese on it. This is not a preferred food for mice.

  • Mice are smarter than you think.

It Is Hard To Keep Mice Out

Another reason it is hard to get rid of mice is that more mice can come in to replace the mice you've eliminated. Mice are tiny animals that can fit through holes that are even tinier than they are. An adult mouse can compress its body to fit through a hole the size of a dime. And if a mouse can't find a tiny hole like that, they can make one. Mice are rodents. They have strong teeth that can make short work of weatherstripping, door sweeps, and wood framing.

Mice Reproduce Like Crazy

It doesn't take long for a couple of mice to turn into a bunch of mice. A mouse is sexually mature at six weeks of age. That means that, within about two months, all the mice that have been born in your home are actively mating and creating more mice.

When Mice Control Fails, You Don't Know It

Mouse infestations can seem like they keep happening over and over again when, in fact, they never really went away to begin with. Mice are quiet animals that can live in your home without revealing themselves. Hearing scratching and thumping in your walls is actually not a common warning sign. Your efforts to eliminate your mouse problem can be frustrated by the fact that you don't know whether or not you're having any real impact.

When DIY Fails, Mice Continue To Be A Threat

It is not good to have mice in your home. Mice can spread illnesses and damage your property. If your DIY fails, mice can continue to present the following threats:

  • Mice bring ticks, fleas, mites, and other parasites into your home. A single mouse can have as many as a hundred seed ticks on its body.

  • Mice spread harmful bacteria from trash bins to kitchen surfaces, dishes, silverware, and stored food.

  • Mice chew holes in your home, your stored furniture, your stored food packages, and also wiring inside your walls. The last one can lead to a house fire.

  • Mice leave droppings everywhere.

  • Mice dribble urine to mark their territory.

What Works To Get Rid Of Mice In Auburn

The best way to get rid of mice and keep mice out of your home is to hire a rodent control professional. If you live in Auburn, the team at Prewett Pest Control can help. We use advanced pest control methods and products to manage rodent pressures. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.


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