Cockroaches are creepy and disgusting insects. But they aren't just gross to look at, and creepy to listen too as they crawl across your kitchen floor at night, cockroaches can make you sick. They are implicated in the spread of many bacterial illnesses and are known to pick up and spread parasitic worms. You definitely don't want these insects crawling around in your dish cabinets or exploring your pantry. Here is a step-by-step guide for the control of Opelika cockroaches.

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Step One: Protect Your Food

When cockroaches get into your stored foods, they can contaminate them. This can lead to sickness. But your stored foods are also one of the reasons cockroaches stay in your home. This is an important first step in making your home resistant to the cockroaches we have in Opelika.

  • Store foods that come in cardboard, paper, or plastic packages inside sealed containers.

  • Store fruit in your refrigerator, instead of on the center of your kitchen table or island.

  • Put potatoes in a sealed bin. 

Step Two: Remove Food Options

There are many things cockroaches can eat. Some of them you would not consider to be at all appetizing, or even food for that matter. These are important to consider.

  • Clean spills up as quickly as possible.

  • Put dirty dishes in a sink full of soapy water or do them as you dirty them.

  • Keep your trash in a sealed container.

  • Keep your bathroom counters clean. Cockroaches eat dead skin and toothpaste.

  • If you have a cat, make sure to maintain the litter box. Cockroaches eat feces.

  • Keep the rim of your toilet clean.

Step Three: Reduce Interior Moisture And Humidity

Cockroaches have a preference for damp, humid habitats. If you keep your home dry and free of moisture, you can make cockroaches unhappy.

  • Use your fan when taking a shower or bath and consider wiping moisture up when you're finished.

  • Repair leaky faucets or shower heads.

  • Repair leaky pipes or leaks in your garbage disposal.

  • Install dehumidifiers, ventilation, or fans in humid spaces.

Step Four: Seal Your Exterior

If you manage to drive cockroaches out of your home, you can work to keep them out by sealing entry points they use to get inside. It isn't possible to find and seal them all, but making an attempt is well worth the effort. It will go a long way toward resisting them.

  • Replace damaged weatherstripping, screens, door sweeps, and vent covers.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal around windows, doors, pipes, wire conduits, wires, and other foundation penetrations.

  • Use a caulking gun to fill in holes created by wood-destroying pests. These damp, rotting holes are highly attractive to cockroaches.

  • Use a foundation repair kit to seal cracks in your foundation walls.

Step Five: Reduce Exterior Dampness

A damp perimeter is a cockroach paradise. Use these tips to make your landscaping less appealing to roaches.

  • Clean your gutters and make necessary repairs to your gutter system.

  • Reduce areas of dense vegetation and get rid of unnecessary plants.

  • Address conditions that allow puddles to form.

  • Remove organic debris.

  • Remove objects that sit next to your exterior walls. These can create a damp, shaded habitat underneath.

Step Six: Reduce Exterior Food Attractants

The list of things that cockroaches can eat is quite long. Inspect your yard and look for things that fall into the category of rotting organic matter or feces. These are strong-smelling and highly attractive to roaches. Your exterior trash receptacles are a good place to start. Make sure they're clean and covered.

Step Seven: Invest In Residential Pest Control

This can be step seven or step one. If you aren't able to do steps one through six, an effective residential pest control program can give you some much needed protection even if your home has attractants and vulnerabilities. But, having done steps one through six, investing in residential pest control can make your cockroach control complete. If you have higher than normal cockroach pressures, these insects can get into your Opelika home no matter how uninviting you make it.

If you have questions, or you'd like to move forward by scheduling a pest control evaluation, reach out to us. The team here at Prewett Pest Control looks forward to assisting you with this important protection for your health and the health of your family. 


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