The number of bed bug infestations in the United States continues to rise. As more homes and businesses become infested, there is more risk that your Auburn home could become infested. Bed bugs don't live outside. They are indoor pests that travel passively from one location to another. The more you know about how this works, the better.

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Where Bed Bugs Hide

You already know one place bed bugs hide. They hide in beds. But that is far from the only place these insects can be found. In a bed, they can be found in the mattress, box spring, or the crevices of the frame. Here is a list of some places bed bugs have been found hiding.

  • The interior of upholstered furniture.

  • The gaps of hardwood furniture.

  • The voids inside electronics.

  • The seams and creases of duffel bags, pocketbooks, luggage, and bookbags.

  • The wrinkles of a sleeping bag.

  • The pockets and seams of clothing.

  • The binder of hardback books.

Why Bed Bugs Hide In These Places

The list above is far from exhaustive. It is merely a starting point to help you see the diversity of items they can be hiding inside. If you're going to have any hope of keeping bed bugs out of your Auburn home, you need to know why bed bugs hide in these places.

Photosensitivity — Bed bugs don't like the light. They work very hard to hide from it. This drives them to go deep into the dark voids of the objects they hide in. It also prevents them from coming out until it is nighttime, or dark enough that they feel comfortable to explore.

Thigmotaxis — This is a fancy word to describe an organism's desire to be squeezed into tight spaces. Bed bugs have this in abundance. Hiding in the dark isn't enough for a bed bug. Even in a dark space, they find a crack, crevice or gap to squeeze into.

Where Bed Bugs Are Picked Up

There are few places that you can't pick bed bugs up. Bed bugs can live anywhere there is a bed, couch, or chair, and enough darkness to come out and get a blood meal. You would be surprised by the variety of places you can pick up bed bugs.

  • You can get them when you sit next to someone on a bus.

  • You can get them at work or school.

  • You can get them at the library.

  • You can get them at a retail store.

  • You can get them when you visit a friend or relative.

  • You can get them when you go on vacation and stay in a hotel, motel, or some other form of lodging.

  • You can get them without ever leaving your home. Someone can bring them into your home.

How We Can Apply What We've Talked About So Far

Now that you understand the way bed bugs spread, let's discuss bed bug prevention. The secret to preventing an infestation has four components.

Inspections: If you spend the night anywhere, be sure to do an inspection of your sleeping area. Look for black specks, black patches, tiny white eggs, dried brown blood stains, shed skins, or the presence of bed bugs. If you buy a piece of used furniture or an appliance, check it closely for these warning signs. Do occasional checks of your kid's school bags. Do occasional checks of your guest bedroom.

Training: Teach your children to do a quick inspection when they stay somewhere.

Resistance: Bed bugs are strongly attracted to the scent of laundry. Keep your laundry in a sealed plastic bag when you stay overnight somewhere. When you open your luggage in a hotel or motel, use the rack provided. Refrain from laying your clothing on beds or furniture.

Deterrence: When you get home from staying somewhere, put all your clothing through a hot wash and dryer cycle. High heat kills bed bugs in all stages of development. When you go out, refrain from putting your bags or clothing next to the belongings of others. Be on the lookout for any signs of bed bugs.

What To Do When You Find Bed Bugs In Your Auburn Home

Contact Prewett Pest Control. It is best to have these insects completely eradicated the first time. Ongoing bed bug infestations can present many problems and challenges, not the least of which is that you can accidentally spread them to someone else, and get them over and over again. Reach out to us for immediate assistance.


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